Our Process | Sunshine Tutoring NYC
Personalized tutoring for your child.
The philosophy of Sunshine Tutoring is creating a child-centered curriculum based on each child’s individual needs and abilities. Understanding that each child learns differently, we differentiate our instruction to teach to all learners: visual, auditory and kinesthetic.
Reading Instruction
Our reading instruction is phonics based and uses programs such as PAF (Preventing Academic Failure) with books such as Ready to Read and Stepping up in Reading. We also use Fundations’ hands on alphabet magnetic tiles. This allows us to focus on letter to sound - sound to letter correspondence. We use Primary Phonics and beginning readers but also read authentic children’s literature aloud for exposure to rich language. Letter production and letter formation are taught using the extremely successful Handwriting Without Tears program.
Writing Instruction
We also focus on writing skills in all areas and of all abilities. For beginner writers, the students start writing through illustration. From there, we move to dictation, sentence starters, guided writing and then to writing independently. We encourage children to explore writing using Inventive Spelling by writing out the sounds they hear by stretching the word like a rubber band (ex. C – A – T). The main objective is to allow the children to freely express their ideas on paper while willing to take risks. We guide the students through this process and want them to feel supported in their attempts.
Specialized Math Programs
We use the Singapore math program, as well as Saxon, Everyday Math and whichever program the students are using in their classroom. We build on children’s natural way of learning numbers. We believe in giving children the opportunity to investigate, discover, explore and apply their own solution to math problems. The goal is to learn to use numbers to make connections to real life situations. We work with various manipulative and classroom objects to explore new skills and concepts. Some topics we cover are number sense, patterns, shapes, ordinal numbers, length and height, measurement, place value, addition, subtraction, time and money.
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